Just to warn you: I didn't shave, and my ass is fat.

December 9, 2012

Go figure, but Massage Therapists see more of our client's bodies than they often see of themselves. It's a strange realization to make. Over the years I've been an LMT, the most common 'be prepared' comment I get from clients is Just to warn you - I didn't shave my legs. This is only slightly ahead of "I'm not comfortable with abdominal massage" and "you don't want to see that", "my ass is fat", "I'm too sweaty"... too this... too that...


Not to downplay our insecurities, but here's the thing that most self-conscious clients (myself included!) sometimes forget: We're Massage Therapist because we find the body a beautifully fascinating and complex machine to be taken care of and respected, and in no way place judgement. Ever.


I came across this amazing blog post by Megan of Bodywork Brooklyn that speaks to the self-conscious client and the LMT so perfectly, that I have to share it here:


"...Some people seek massage specifically because they know their massage therapist will accept them unconditionally, will not bat an eye at the little imperfections that cause the bearers genuine agony. That kind of acceptance can be healing in and of itself...


What I look for: When I give a massage, I am looking for areas of tension in the body, places where things are stuck. I love patterns, so when I find an area that is particularly taut or particularly flaccid, I am thinking about compensation patterns, how those places might affect the rest of the body and might inform the rest of the massage. I am thinking about how to alleviate discomfort, release those stuck down places, get things flowing. I am thinking about how to help you. I love my work, love falling into a silent conversation with tissues, understanding how the pieces fit together a little bit differently for everyone. I love the quiet, the practice, the focus. I love helping people feel better. There’s no room for judgement in that."


Read More of this article HERE.


So, THANK YOU to Megan for writing such a wonderful, thoughtful, and perfectly explained article on what we as Massage Therapists really feel about the fact that sometimes, you just didn't shave your legs. No warning needed.

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