The Art of Cheating

April 4, 2014

No, it’s not quite what you’re thinking. It’s not cheating if you aren’t exclusive. It’s not cheating if you’re paying for it. And it’s definitely not cheating if you’re on holidays.


Don’t feel bad. I see other people too.


My clients are wonderful, loyal, supportive people; we’ve built up relationships of trust over the weeks, months and often years. But one thing isn’t quite clear: it’s OK to try other Massage Therapists, you won’t hurt our feelings. A few times a year, clients go on holidays with family and friends, and return to tell me 3 things: 1) they had a fantastic time, 2) they don’t really like the weather / job / stress they came back to, and 3) that they are very sorry they had a massage while on holiday.


It feels like cheating, in a way.


At least it does for these clients. I get it, and it’s perfectly normal, but it honestly makes some people feel weird. In a similar scenario, a client was early for her appointment and saw a previous client leaving. She felt awkward in her surprise that I’d be seeing other clients. Logically, she knew that’s the case –it’s how I pay my bills after all – but somehow it just felt strange to see me with another client.


The simple (though in my opinion it’s not really so simple) act of nurturing touch has a profound effect on people. Throw in the fact that we get to know and hear of our client’s histories, families, dramas and traumas, as well as their physical bodies, we’re working with a huge amount of trust and relationship building here. So, yeah, it’s natural to get attached to your MT. (side note: there’s a whole psychology behind this kind of thing if you’re interested).


One size does not fit all when it comes to this kind of literal touchy-feely treatment. We work based in science, but the science works to inform the Art of Massage. Every Therapist has a different touch, pressure, style, personality, and so on. What does that mean? It means you’re free to see other people. Try out other Therapies and Therapists to find your match. There are lots of MT fish in this big healthcare sea.


Besides, if it’s meant to be, you’ll come back.

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